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Our scientists focus on designing and implementing cost effective and timely studies tailored to meet our customers’ regulatory obligations and the highly skilled technical team ensure we generate quality data. 


Our multi-skilled team of toxicologists, cross-trained in reproductive and general toxicology disciplines, provide a substantial advantage when conducting studies which include both elements such as the combined screening study.

The introduction of automated behavioural data collection systems enables the accelerated provision of consistent Functional Observation Battery data, generated using non-subjective, reproducible methodology.

REACH supporting studies we conduct include:

  • In-vitro and in-vivo Genetic Toxicology (OECD 471, 487, 474, 490)
  • 28 Day, 90 Day and Chronic Rodent Toxicology (OECD 407,408, 452)
  • Screening Reproduction/Developmental Toxicology (OECD 421)
  • Combined Repeated Dose Toxicity & Reproduction/Developmental Toxicology (OECD 422)
  • Pre-Natal Developmental Toxicology (OECD 414)
  • Extended One Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study (OECD 443, EOGRTS)
  • 2 Generation Reproduction Toxicology (OECD 416)
  • Carcinogenicity (OECD 451,453)
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