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General Toxicology

Quality studies in rodent and non-rodent species delivered on time to meet your product and international regulatory needs


Here at Sequani, we are proud of the support we give to clients and the excellent way we manage general toxicology studies in rodent and non-rodent species. The result is quality, on-time reporting.

A highly experienced team of study directors work closely with our clients to ensure that we conduct projects to meet both product development and international regulatory needs. We can undertake studies by all routes of exposure other than inhalation and we have extensive experience in the conduct of studies by the dietary route.

Our study directors are highly responsive and are actively involved with their projects from inception through to report finalisation. They work closely with the on-site laboratory animal services, formulation sciences, analytical chemistry, clinical pathology, pathology, QA and information technology staff to ensure that our clients are provided with high quality studies and reports, whatever the type.

We have a reputation for meeting, or beating, reporting dates even against the most difficult target times. Staff always provide good practical scientific input into the study design and reporting but also have the ability to contribute a more specialised scientific content where required.

Study Types

  • MTD and dose range-finding
  • Repeat Dose Toxicity
    • 1-,3- and 12-month studies according to OECD guidelines
  • Carcinogenicity
    • Rat and Mouse 2 year bioassays
  • Investigative studies
    • Bespoke study designs to investigate specific toxicological issues

Dosing Routes

  • Oral gavage
  • Oral dietary
  • Dermal
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