+ Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate and Social Responsbility

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) has always played a significant part in the way we conduct our business.  We believe that if you want to achieve success on a sustainable basis, you need to conduct business in a responsible way. That’s why our strategies are designed with good CSR practice in mind.

Focusing on Best Practice 

On the scientific and operational side, our ethical commitment includes adherence to principles of good laboratory practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), as well as specific policies and training regarding informed animal welfare, conflict of interest, and scientific fraud and misconduct.

Our financial management oversees internal financial policies and procedures. In addition it monitors all aspects of external reporting, financial statements, tax reporting and compliance with applicable regulations.

Sequani has built a repuation for conducting its business with integrity and in accordance with the highest level of ethical behaviour. Our integrity is essential to the success of the company. Honesty, good judgement and adherence to applicable laws and regulations are required in all our business practices.

Respecting our Workforce

With respect to our ethical commitment to employees, we will always strive to pay our employees competitive wages, ensure a benefits package that enriches and safeguards our workforce.

We will advance our ethnically diverse employee workforce and our policy of hiring and promoting individuals without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. We will ensure that workplace harassment is not tolerated.

With respect to its communications with customers, employees and the public, all statements will be true and factual. Nothing less will do.  This defines our commitment to ethically sound business practices. No other practices will be tolerated.

We are committed to corporate social resposbility and we expect our supply chain to commit to the same standards.

Labour and human rights

We comply with all applicable labour and human rights laws and regulations in the United Kingdom. We fully support the OECD's statements and efforts leading to the effective abolition of all forms of forced or compulsory labour.  We have various policies that demonstrate our commitment to labour relations and human rights legislation.

Combating Corrution and Bribery

The Company is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities in the UK and overseas. We comply with applicable anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-competitiveness laws and regulations.  We are committed to ensuring the prevention of bribery in all parts of our business and to conducting all of our activities in a truthful manner.  Sequani will not tolerate any form of bribery by, or of, its employees, agents or consultants or any person or body acting on its behalf. We expect all of the business partners whom we work with to share this commitment and to promote the same standards when dealing with their own suppliers and partners.

Data Protection

We adhere to the United Kingdom laws governing the processing of personal data. Sequani follows the data protection principles in the handling of personal data ensuring that it is

  • fairly and lawfully processed;
  • processed for limited purposes and not in any manner incompatible with those purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  • accurate;
  • not be kept for longer than is necessary;
  • processed in accordance with individuals' rights;
  • secure; and
  • not be transferred to countries without adequate protection.
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We deliver outstanding scientific and technical expertise to support you through the safety evaluation phases of registration and re-registration projects for agricultural chemicals and other crop protection technologies.


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