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Here at Sequani we strive to be the best and want to make a difference with our work. We value our people as they are at the heart of the service we provide. Have a read of our employee stories. 

Alex, Animal Technician - Laboratory Animal Sciences

“I have worked at Sequani now for almost a year and a half, coming from a zookeeper background it is a job I never thought I would do, and it is a job that I really do enjoy. Both within LAS and throughout, Sequani staff have been welcoming and friendly providing a welcoming working environment, with a pretty good rapport between both lower and higher-level staff within the company.

The avenues of progression within LAS are made immediately clear both within the department and without, support is provided from not only your supervisor and matrix manager, but also higher-level technologists. Everyone is willing and open to helping anyone if asked, and happy to explain something complex or simple.

Sequani have allowed me to develop both my practical skills, with hands on training and also most recently gaining my licence, and the theoretical and scientific side such as the opportunity to work on gaining my IAT qualification. Developing at a rate that is most appropriate for each person, and within the units that may best suit our skills and talents.

While members of LAS work long weeks and hours, our home-work balance is quite well rounded with the opportunity to gain extra out-of-hours work, which helps to develop both your skills and your confidence in what you do.”

Fran, Associate Toxicologist – Toxicology

“Having worked in academia in an unrelated field, making the move into this industry and into the field of toxicology was daunting, however Sequani were supportive in helping me make that transition.  My first position at Sequani was within the Pathology Services team, where I was able to acquire a firm grounding in the logistics of toxicology testing, and how research is carried out within a contract research organisation.  This new knowledge-base, in combination with my aptitude for life sciences research, allowed me to make the move into the Toxicology department where I am currently training as an Associate Toxicologist.

Sequani has a strong focus on helping new employees settle in, and the size of the company means that we are all treated as individuals.  Training of new staff is given a high priority and it is tailored to suit each person as they progress within their role.  This really does make you feel like a member of a team rather than a cog in a machine.

We are fortunate enough to have green spaces on site, views of surrounding hillsides, and easy access to the historic center of Ledbury town.  As a proud Herefordian who has worked in locations far and wide, I consider myself fortunate to be involved in internationally recognised and respected research within my home county!”

Farzana, Senior Scientist – Bioanalysis

 “I first joined Sequani more than 20 years ago. As a new graduate, I started as a laboratory technician in the Analytical Chemistry department and gained valuable hands on experience of working in a busy laboratory. After almost 2 years here, I left to do a Master’s degree and was employed for a short while in a similar analytical research company, where I gained further laboratory experience, which I was able to put to good use when a job as a Scientist opened up back in the Analytical Chemistry department.

As part of the training and career progression, I’d taken on responsibility of being a study director in Analytical Chemistry. As well as writing study plans, doing the laboratory work and writing the reports, I had regular contact with clients discussing results of analysis.

Shortly, after I started back here, an opportunity arose to join the newly formed Bioanalysis department. I was able to further my analytical skills and increase my scientific knowledge in this new area of work that Sequani have expanded into. Sequani do provide opportunities for staff to gain experience and training in other departments, which helps you to get to know more about the business and the diligent people who work here.

Over the years, I’ve been on several external training courses to further develop my analytical skills and increase my scientific knowledge, as well as attending in-house training courses. I’ve also been given the opportunity to manage laboratory technician staff and help develop their understanding of the work we do, training them to work meticulously and have an eye for detail.

I find the variety of work we do here interesting and rewarding, knowing that the part we play in drug development and chemical safety, makes a real difference to people’s lives.

There are many occasions to socialise and get to know people. I’ve participated in cake bake sales, which always draws a big crowd. Recently, Sequani have been putting on lunchtime activities to raise money for mental health charities and along with other staff, I’ve been involved in doing some culinary demonstrations during lunchtimes, and people were able to participate and learn new skills, which was popular with staff.

Holly, Technologist – Foetal Pathology

“I came to Sequani a year after finishing my degree, which was five years ago! I joined as a Trainee Technologist in the Pathology Services Team. My work is interesting, challenging and diverse. The training provided in my role is fully comprehensive and was extremely rewarding. Sequani are very supportive towards individual progression and offer a wide variety of opportunities to develop my skills, I became a personal license holder in only a few short years. The company offer educational visits to students that allow them to see part of the process that goes into developing new compounds and it is a great opportunity to talk with them about my experience here. It is rewarding to know that we are truly making a difference with the work we do here.”

Sally-Anne, Manager – Toxicology

“I joined Sequani 26 years ago as a Trainee in the Toxicology department and have worked my way up through the levels to my current role as Manager of the Toxicology department. I have seen Sequani grow into the company it is to-day and have had fantastic opportunities along the way.

I work directly with our clients; discussing programmes of work and study designs and am proud of the consistently good feedback we get as a company for the service we provide. It is great to be able to influence that and to share the successes with my team.

I particularly enjoy the variety that my job offers as well as the people aspect of my role. We have an open and friendly working environment within toxicology. As a manager I can use my knowledge and experience to help others to progress from Trainee Study Supervisor to Study Director and offer further career opportunities in expert scientific fields. This aspect of my management role I find particularly rewarding.

Sequani have been supportive since my appointment as manager, offering both internal and external training courses in managerial roles and capabilities. I found both the internal and external training rewarding in different ways.  It is good to interact with colleagues and share knowledge within and across the company, the external courses have given me the opportunity to have insight into other organisations and find out how they operate and function.

I have also developed my scientific skills and am on hand to help and assist with any decision making on study related issues.  Being the Project Licence Holder for Reproductive studies for the company means that I am always actively involved and informed of study findings.

I enjoy working at Sequani because they offer me a good work life balance. Everyone is friendly, open and there is a real sense of teamwork with everyone pulling together.”

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