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Here at Sequani we strive to be the best and want to make a difference with our work. We value our people as they are at the heart of the service we provide. Have a read of our employee stories. 

Marc, Team Leader - Biosciences

“This is my first job since graduating from University. I started as a Trainee Technician and right from when I first joined it was clear how I could progress in my role and what I need to do to get there.

Sequani are very supportive and have a genuine interest in developing their employees. They sponsored me to do my Masters and, as I have been promoted into my current role, they have provided me with opportunities to go on a wide variety of training courses designed to support and aid my development both in managing people and increasing my scientific knowledge and skills.   

The culture at Sequani is very friendly and social. I’ve helped out in other departments so got to know people and understand other areas of the business. Sequani reward you too. I was proud to be selected to represent the Company and be invited to the Lord Lieutenant’s tent for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which was a particular highlight!”

Dan, Support Technician - Laboratory Animal Sciences

“I’ve only been with Sequani for four months and have never worked in this industry before. My role gives me the work life balance I’ve always wanted and the hours and benefits I get here are great. 

The training and support I have received have brought me on considerably and the time management and organisation skills I have developed have spilled over into my personal life.

There’s a good atmosphere at Sequani. I’m treated well and everyone is so friendly. I feel I’ve come on a long way since joining and have a proper career path now which I’m excited to follow.”

Natasha, Technologist – Foetal Pathology

“I joined Sequani as a Support Technician in the Laboratory Animal Sciences department. I got a good grounding in this department. Sequani have developed career progression steps for their roles so I was able to develop my skills and expertise in the role whilst learning all about the company.

I then got an opportunity to be seconded into the foetal pathology department; a chance which I jumped at. I have to say I love working in this department. Sequani are very supportive in offering opportunities to develop your scientific knowledge as well. Currently I am involved in working on a new pathology technique which is exciting and it is good that I can bring my knowledge of the Laboratory Animal Sciences department to the table as we work closely with them.

The people at Sequani are so friendly, we are a real team and celebrate each other’s successes. The atmosphere here is positive; we are making a difference and it is truly enjoyable to come to work.”

Jess, Auditor - Quality Assurance

“I visited Sequani as part of my animal science degree and found the company really interesting. After graduating I sought them out and applied for a job. I’ve worked at Sequani for three years now and right from the start they

were proactive in my training. I went on an external training course, attended forums and became a member of the Research Quality Association.

My role as an auditor is great as it takes me around all of the departments and get to see the whole process through from start to finish. Now that I have gained more experience I have been given more responsibility and am taking the next steps in my auditing qualifications.

I enjoy the social aspect to the company too. I like to get involved with fundraising for our local chosen charity and the sports and social club’s summer BBQ is a great way to get to know other people in the company.”

Sally-Anne, Manager – Toxicology

“I joined Sequani 26 years ago as a Trainee in the Toxicology department and have worked my way up through the levels to my current role as Manager of the Toxicology department. I have seen Sequani grow into the company it is to-day and have had fantastic opportunities along the way.

I work directly with our clients; discussing programmes of work and study designs and am proud of the consistently good feedback we get as a company for the service we provide. It is great to be able to influence that and to share the successes with my team.

I particularly enjoy the variety that my job offers as well as the people aspect of my role. We have an open and friendly working environment within toxicology. As a manager I can use my knowledge and experience to help others to progress from Trainee Study Supervisor to Study Director and offer further career opportunities in expert scientific fields. This aspect of my management role I find particularly rewarding.

Sequani have been supportive since my appointment as manager, offering both internal and external training courses in managerial roles and capabilities. I found both the internal and external training rewarding in different ways.  It is good to interact with colleagues and share knowledge within and across the company, the external courses have given me the opportunity to have insight into other organisations and find out how they operate and function.

I have also developed my scientific skills and am on hand to help and assist with any decision making on study related issues.  Being the Project Licence Holder for Reproductive studies for the company means that I am always actively involved and informed of study findings.

I enjoy working at Sequani because they offer me a good work life balance. Everyone is friendly, open and there is a real sense of teamwork with everyone pulling together.”


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